Issue 12 posted exclusively here on

As you can see, I have a new website to promote and distribute my comic work. As an extra bonus, the site’s launch comes the exclusive release of issue 12. The superhero thrills and horror held within has never hit the internet until now.

We are entering the Age of Staff-Master! All 12 of the first issues are now free and available here. Each issue is a PDF file containing 22+ pages of superhero action, written and drawn by myself.

Many more issues are on the way! The current plot line started in issue 10 adapts my second novel Staff-Master & Duster. As you can see from issue 12, things are about to get dark. In upcoming issues our goody goody blue-shoes superhero Staff-Master will be facing some real Darkness, both within the world and within his own soul.

Bookmark and keep an eye on this space. Read my work and leave comments! And most important of all, enjoy.


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