Lucky 13 has started production

It is Monday morning as I write this. Yesterday while doing laundry I scripted and laid out issue 13 of The Immortal Staff-Master. I thought I would give you all a glimpse behind the scenes at that work.

First, scripting and laying out the pages is my least favorite part of the creative process. This might be because I am adapting the current material from a book I wrote years ago, so it just doesn’t feel CREATIVE.

It actually is though. I am modifying the story details in tiny ways, seeding future ideas that were not a part of the original novel. But it’s not always fun looking at a section of text and deciding what to include, what is too wordy for a comic, and what would make the perfect cliffhanger to end the issue on. Trying to fit this into exactly 21 or 22 pages per issue—which is my own challenge to myself—is sometimes a special level of hell.

It is such a relief to be finished with this scripting process yet again. I find the drawing far more satisfying.

More on that at another time,


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