Belated Halloween Crossover

Man it has been a long and rough past month. Everyone in my family has been battling hard with cold and flu season. It caused me to sign up for and then flake out on a yearly tradition.

There is an online community for webcomic creators, Webcomics Underdogs. Look for them on Facebook and/or Discord. I’ve been on the fringes of the group for around eight years now but I don’t participate much. With my latest attempts to push Staff-Master to as many readers as possible though, I decided to get involved.

Then people got sick and I dropped the ball. Le’ sigh.

I was matched up with a longtime legend in the webcomic community, @HjelsYells. I don’t know the creator very well, but I remember reading their stuff years ago and being impressed.

You can find their work at It is well worth your time.

In this first piece of art, I draw Staff-Master and Duster having a thoughtful Samhain with their protagonist Catherine. In the second piece, @HjelsYells puts their spin on our worlds colliding.

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