Art teaser and update

As with many of my attempts to reach out into the universe and tell my stories, this blog has been scattershot at best. I really need to post regularly if I want to build an audience. I know this, yet, if I do not have much to say, what is he point? It takes a very long time to create 22 pages of art, so I can’t do that half as often as I’d like. I have kids and a day job (during he school year at least). I have kids and issues with depression. And did I mention that I have kids? Kids that are experts at making me feel guilty for using my own iPad.

I need to be more active here, but I also don’t want to just blather on about my every day life. Nobody cares to read that, myself included. So I will share art updates. I will share details from games that I play and/or run.

Today I start with a page update. I recently finished and posted issue 14. Since then I have done four pages of issue 15. I’m taking a break from page 5 to post this. As I was drawing, my mind wandered to how I was neglecting this blog.

Take a look at the following—page one of Issue 15.

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