Art update

Pages for issue 15 are coming in fast and furious. I am quite proud of what’s been drawn so far. I really tried to make this issue have a faster pace too, which was something I think some of my writing in previous issues lacked. For various reasons, I’m feeling quite good about this issue.

Drawing Duster as the POV character really brings my memories back to the beginnings of my dreams of being a comic book creator. Long before this comic, even before the Staff-Master novels…Duster was the first character I ever created. Back then it was a western, but other than that the character is unchanged.

In those early days there was no Staff-Master, and it wasn’t a webcomic. Heck, there only barely WAS a web. Nope, it was a photocopied and assembled by hand paper comic book. The art was black and white and completely hand drawn without the wonderful modern cheats of photo reference.

Yes, Duster has always had a place in my heart, and as you can tell from this art teaser, hen can be quite the bad ass.

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