The Immortal Staff-Master #16 is now here on the website

I am nearly done adapting the two self published novels that started this all. The Immortal Staff-Master‘s adaptation lasted from issues 1-9. Staff-Master & Duster: A Tale of Darkness started with issue ten and as I write this I am under the belief that my next issue–issue 17–will conclude the comic book version of that novel.

That is not the end however! I have an entire world floating around in my head. There will be apocalyptic future battles and there will be fantasy inspired pre-histories. So please, keep your eyes glued firmly on

Now, I’d like to take a moment to speak about issue 16.

As you know if you have been reading The Immortal Staff-Master since the beginning, I have not shied away from adult content. I have portrayed racist bad guys and a murderous anti-hero. I have shown some frank nudity as Duster was depressed and drinking himself to death at Big Ed’s Nudy Bar. Technically quite a lot of my comic book work should be considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW), but this is doubly true for issue 16.

In this most recent issue I am experimenting with a storytelling technique popularly referred to as “Sexposition”. As I understand it, the technigue was created for the TV show Game of Thrones. Oftentimes in that series an infodump is given to the viewers during a sex scene. The tittilation of the softcore porn supposedly makes the otherwise dull exposition more interesting.

I was never really all that interested in the technique as I felt that it was a cheap way to spice up the story, but when it came time for Hemelia to tell her story it seemed to me that it would be much scarier and more chilling if told during a moment of intimacy. So I am now guilty of jumping on the sexposition bandwagon.

I was very uneasy about using this storytelling tool. Most of the issue was completed pretty quickly by my nonprofessional standards, but I stalled partway through the very last page for over a month. I just wasn’t sure that this was the right thing to do. Honestly, I’m still not. I think though that it makes for one hell of a story though, so I released it yesterday.

I hope you enjoy it. Please just remember to read it someplace where you won’t get in trouble or be embarrassed.


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